What constitutes a bedroom is a common question many people ask. Does it need to have a closet? No it does not! According to the International Residential Code a bedroom needs to have the following:

  • A floor area of not less than 70 square feet and not less than 7 feet in any horizontal dimension
  • A minimum ceiling height of 7 feet, and if there is a sloped ceiling, then a minimum of 50% of ceiling must be a minimum of 7 feet high
  • At least one operable emergency escape and rescue opening with a clear opening of not less than 5.7 square feet, and a required egress window that must have a minimum width of 20 inches, a minimum height of 24 inches, and a maximum window sill height of 44 inches.

No closet necessary!

For more information follow this link > https://www.texasrealestate.com/members/posts/what-makes-a-room-a-bedroom/

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