It’s that time of year! I know, some of you are saying “oh crap”! Valentine’s already!? Have you ever wondered how did this day even come about? Well, today’s wisdom is a brief history of how this day of love ❀️ got started. This day has a few names, Valentine’s Day, The Feast of Saint Valentines and Saint Valentines Day… originally this day was a day to celebrate the early Christian martyr, Saint Valentine. There are a number of stories associated with this day. Follow this link to find out how it all started>

Whatever you want to call it, its a day to set aside in our sometimes crazy busy lives to take some time to show the loves in our lives how much you love and appreciate them! Buy the flowers, splurge on the 8.00 Hallmark card or just have a special dinner at home with the kids. πŸ’

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