The zoning of The Thames Home allows a bed and breakfast. One of my thoughts is that the next owner may want to start a bed and breakfast, wedding venue, or something similar. During the process of making difficult renovation decisions we considered this possibility. It can be very taxing to have to make tough choices when it come to what should and shouldn’t be addressed. While our focus has and will continue to be the long lasting big key elements that ensure a house can be a home, I made a list of dream items that would be great to be able to include if I could track them down and for the right price. One of the items of that list were original Victorian era skeleton lock and key sets for all the rooms. And as divine providence would have it, and after much time and searching, I happened to meet a lovely lady who happened to have a whole set from the same year the home was built. She kept the whole lot intact down to the screws! She was kind enough to make a great deal with me in exchange for an invite to the open house to see the final product. If you want to know more about where she retrieved these sets, her other fascinating projects, or see them in working action make sure to come out to the open house once we schedule it!

For more information about this project contact, Jessica Morgan (346) 303-9920.

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