Welcome to The Thames home restoration in Taylor. Our Austin agent, Jessica Morgan has taken this labor of love on and is doing a fantastic job! We want to share this beautiful transformation and hope that you enjoy watching this process unfold. Stay tuned for more updates!

Built in 1900 in a true Transitional Prairie Style – The Thames Home! In case you didn’t know prairie style was the precursor to the Mid Century Modern style and where; what most of us refer to as either Modern or Contemporary Modern homes originate! The Prairie School was influenced by the arts and crafts movement out of England and Japanese architectural styles, but many argue started the first true American; in origin, architectural styles like prairie style, mid century modern, and four square which is where things begin to branch. It is my understanding that in the turn of the century Victorian era many artisans were responding to the ornate “mass production” of the Queen Anne style by opting for more of a handcrafted look that celebrated both modern techniques and the artistic dedication of generational craftsmanship by incorporating more linear and clean lines which are arguably harder to get right. At the time the spirit of this style was meant to bring the outdoors in and put on display the marvelous art of nature itself and is why you’ll see with this archer style many windows and generous exposures without harsh lighting! Visible from most windows are mature trees, sky, and soft light. 

When the Homeowners purchased this home 10 years ago they began the process renovation. The home had been a bit neglected when they first took the keys. The home owners started with the biggest concerns first. Over the years they began to restore and renovate by:

  • Replacing all windows
  • Replacing flooring in areas where it needed
  • Electrical work – adding outlets, updating wiring etc.
  • Installed updated siding 
  • Leveled foundation
  • Some plumbing
  • Capped off the old gas lines

Since December we partnered to accelerate the process by starting on the outside:

  • installed R-49 closed cell spray foam in all exterior walls
  • Removed all wood rot from exterior that we could find 
  • Replaced with Hardie board siding 
  • Replaced all or where needed:
    • Trim
    • Fascia
    • Soffit
    • Eaves 
    • Corner boards
    • Columns 
  • Replaced front steps
  • Leveled and repaired side steps
  • Moved access door and added others in convenient locations
  • Structurally enforced interior and exterior corners
  • Painted all exterior!

Although we’ve come a long way we still have a little way to go. Hope y’all enjoy following along! 

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