As far as we can tell from land and census records the first owner of the home was a man names JJ Thames who happened to be a successful businessman in Taylor. The original JJ Thames Drug Co. drugstore is still in town though it is no longer a drugstore.

I had a hard time tracking these bottles down! I went to antique shops all over central Texas and everyone knew about them and/or at one time had some but none at the time of my visit. 

One day while I was carrying materials into the home a man in a nice old classic pickup stops and mentions how nice it was coming along. I offered him a tour of what we’d been working on and as we chatted and I shared how the original owner was JJ Thames he said, “Well! I used to own his old pharmacy!” I said, “Ohh that’s fantastic, I bet you don’t but if you did it would be wonderful if I could buy some of the old Thames pharmacy bottles off of ya!” 

A few days later these were dropped by Mr. Harlan! My new favorite neighbor! What a great piece of history and such a great way to get to lay hold of it too! I love “coincidences” 😉 

We will be conveying these with the residence once the renovation/ restoration is complete!

For more information on this home contact our agent, Jessica Morgan at 346-303-9920.

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