We finally got through all the structural work! The Rough-in period has been rough (haha) for us! The inspector gave us one more item we need to fix before moving on. Older homes come with a lot of old school elements that many would argue are “better” however, whatever we open we must bring up to code as of the day we open it. Although the foundation was leveled a couple years ago, with all the changes we’ve made we needed to re-enforce the back corner of the home. Older character homes are just that, homes with a lot of character and we want to preserve as much as possible whilst adhering to current codes and standards. Since we’ve opened the kitchen to create a larger kitchen space that is more usable, we had to have an engineered concrete pad with rebar installed in addition to the new piers installed a few years ago. While we’ve been waiting on the pad to be drawn up poured and approved (all done now) our valves and faucets came in. Just in time! Here are the selections for the first-floor hall bath to give you something pretty to look at! As you enter the first thing you will notice will be the floor to ceiling bedrosian makoto clay tile in a neutral beige color and just on top an orange hand made concretti sink with polished nickel wall mounted Pfister faucet. Just below your feet you will see travertine tile in a beige color with pink undertones. Now to your left beyond the flooring will continue into the shower area surrounded by pink quartzite in a gradient pattern accented by polished nickel Pfister shower head and valve trim.

For more information about this project contact, Jessica Morgan (346) 303-9920.

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