Today’s spotlight is on our agent, Ashley Fuchs. Ashley is originally from the Houston area and slowly worked her way to small town life. From Houston, she attended college at the BEST university in the State of Texas, Texas A&M. 
There she studied Poultry Science and met the love of her life (not chickens), Nathan. Ashley and her husband moved to Cameron in 2013 and have been there ever since. Ashley enjoys the small town life. It is slower paced and a great place to raise a family. 

Ashley has two littles that keep her on her toes! These are some of the hardest years of parenthood, but also some of the BEST! Ashley is in her fourth year of real estate and is loving it all! In February of 2021, she decided to start another business, Hayden Jane Designs, the two go hand in hand. Ashley has a passion for people and the relationships she builds with them. We have to know our clients well in order to serve them well, and she does just that!

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