Here a some tips to help you get your home show ready :    

  1. Declutter: give buyers the opportunity to see your home and not all of the things in it.
  2. Make minor repairs and upgrades: walk through your home as a prospective buyer; write down anything that sticks out to you. Check your floors, doors, open and close windows to make sure they function properly. Do showers or bathtubs need re-caulking? Check AC filters, run water and look under sink to check for any leaks.   
  3. Change all your lightbulbs: it helps for pictures and showings to have all lights the same brightness; LED bulbs are also energy-efficient    
  4. Clean: give your home a deep cleaning, baseboards, cabinets, light fixtures, windows, pressure wash the outside along with any sidewalks or driveways     
  5. Paint: you may need to update paint; go with a neutral color that will be appealing to the majority of buyers     
  6. Curb appeal: boost your curb appeal by pressure washing and adding landscaping. Remember, this is the first thing a buyer will see and the first impression is everything.

If you are thinking about selling, give us a call today for a free home valuation!

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